WriteOnCon - Making Me Braver

I'm really happy to be taking part in WriteOnCon! It really is quite amazing what people over there are writing.  I hope a lot of people find themselves agents, because there's a lot of books I want!

I was nervous of posting my query at first.  I was worried it wasn't very good (hah, and it wasn't!) and I was nervous of putting it out there for loads of people to see and judge at once.

But I am so glad I did. 

The feedback was quite negative at first, but it's exactly what I needed to be told.  Yes, it was tough to be told parts of it weren't very good, but every comment helped me to form a stronger summary of my novel.  I am so grateful for all the help I've received.  A query letter isn't an easy thing to do, and having alternative points of view proved helpful beyond all reckoning. 

And sometimes we need to learn to let things go.  It's scary, and you can't expect to have everyone tell you you're the best writer ever, but it is so worth it!

So, in honour of all attendees, here's my WriteOnCon theme tune! XD

(My query is here, if you're interested.  And the opening 250 words are here!)


  1. Totally agreed, Miss Cole!

  2. I commend the way you've taken on-board the critiques of your query and used those to make it better. You've got an interesting story, and I hope WriteOnCon continues to be a positive experience for you. I think you're right about WriteOnCon making you braver. Before I submitted my first query last September, I put it forward for critique in the WriteOnCon forum. It took a bit of nerve to do it, but the experience helped prepare me for submitting to agents a month later. Not only was my query better for it, but I was much better mentally prepared for it.

  3. Good on you to submit this year! I'm glad the critiques have all been helping you and I hope it catches the eye of an agent! =D

  4. Haha nice themesong you picked :-).. I'm off to see if I can get myself registered so I can read your new and improved query! I'm very curious what you're writing about.

  5. Great song choice! Going to take a look at your query and opening. ;)

  6. "It is so worth it!" Yes! I find the more comments I read telling me how to improve my work, the easier they are to hear. It helps that they're worded in a constructive way, too.

    I loved your 250! I need to go read your query. I posted my synopsis and will probably post my query next!

  7. "Bravery" was one of the things that I wanted to gain from WriteOnCon and I definitely got that. I love the theme song!


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