Sunday Inspiration - Strange Woodland

During the week I went for a walk in a mysterious Yew woodland.  The trees, all of which are hundreds of years old, twist and twirl around each other.  It's hard to tell where one tree ends and another begins.  They're all fighting for dominance.

Oh, and there was an Ent too!

 What stories could a mysterious place like this inspire?

 And talking of inspiring, what a weekend for Team GB! Wow wow wow!

These guys were pretty excited:

Happy Sunday, everyone!


  1. Haha their reaction to Mo was hilarious! I've been doing that every time we get a medal. ^^ I'm so proud of Team GB. Even if that's all the medals we get we've shown that we can be awesome!

    And those pics are perfect for my WiP. Perfect creepiness for the vampire attack!

    1. Their reaction is one of my favourite Olympic moments. It's hilarious!

      I'm glad you liked the photos :D

  2. Those are great pictures! Someone should put that forest in a story. - I guess that is the purpose of Sunday Inspiration, huh?

    1. Yup, spot on! Hopefully someone will find them inspiring and write a novel dedicated to their strangeness :D

  3. Those pics are amazing! I could definitely let my imagination wander with those as inspiration.


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