Seek New Experiences

If you want to keep your imagination topped up and your stories fresh, seek as many new experiences in your own life as possible.  Visit new places, try different food, listen to different music, watch a different film or read a new genre - anything.  The more you experience in life, the more you can write about.  If there's an opportunity to do something different coming your way, take it - and a sturdy notebook. You never know what might inspire you!

Now, who's for dinner? :D

What new experiences have really inspired your writing?


  1. It sounds weird, but I cooked a new recipe the other day that strangely unlocked a part of my story that had me baffled. Cheers to vegetable curry! :)

    1. That's awesome!

      Also, YUM, vegetable curry!

  2. I so agree with this sentiment. A couple weeks ago, I tried Paddle-boarding and Cliff Jumping when I went on vacation. Loved 'em both!


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