Midweek Motivator - Olympic Edition ;)

Everyone watching London 2012 in the UK will be very familiar with this beautiful piece of music from the BBC coverage.

Strings, dramatic drumming and a choir.  Gives me chills and makes me want to write some seriously heroic moments!

And as if we weren't spoilt enough with music, this phenomenal track played during the opening ceremony.  It might be 17 minutes long, but it will take you on an amazing journey.



  1. Call me out of the loop, but lookie there! Someone has a fun new blog layout!

    And no, sadly I'm not familiar w/the BBC coverage. *shakes fist at stupid NBC* But great music!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you like it and the music :D

      I've heard NBC aren't doing such a good job. We're so lucky with the BBC :)

  2. Those songs are inspirations for sure! I was so excited for your men's gymnastics team the other night. Awesome Olympics - must be fun to have 'em in your backyard. ;)

    1. The men's gymnastics was *amazing*. It was so exciting!

      It's brilliant to have the Olympics here. Everywhere is so quiet when you go out 'cause everyone's watching it!


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