Sunday Inspiration - Using Music

Whew, back a day earlier than I thought! Sorry for disappearing on you fine folk last week but between my actual day job, the new day job I'll have in September (SCHOOL HOLIDAYS YOU ARE SO CLOSE NOW!) and a whole bunch of extra work I did last week, I didn't quite have time to squeeze in blogging too.

Today I thought I'd talk about the ways I use music to inspire me.  Because it's not really the lyrics I focus on - although sometimes they help.

Conveying Emotion

When you're writing, you've got a lot of emotions to connect with and some of them are harder to channel than others.  Music can really help:


If you want to really capture the pacing needed for a good fight scene, there's really nothing like fast music to sweep you up:


The right piece of music can really help you get inside a character's head or imagine them in whatever situation they've found themselves in.


Weeeeeeell, what else is there to do during a long commute? ;)

How do you use music? And if you don't, what do you do instead to get into your character's head and their world?


  1. Sometimes I use music to block the real world, but usually I use it to get into some sort of emotional state (while I'm thinking about the story, not when writing it)

    1. Both excellent ways of using music ^_^

  2. I use music in many of the ways you've described here. When I was writing a nightclub scene, I played dance music the whole time. It really helped me get into the right 'vibe'.

  3. It's hard to find the right music when writing comedy, though something light may do it. Usually I read something funny before I start.

    1. That's definitely a good way to do it! If I'm writing action, I'll watch some good films to help me get in the mood.


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