Secondary Characters

In my current WiP I have a range of secondary characters, but there's one I particularly love.  She's incredibly devious and not at all what she seems.  And although I really like my MC, there's something waaaaaay more fun about writing this secondary character.

She even has her own theme tune ;)

Yeah, she's somewhat sinister ;)

Secondary characters might not be the plot's focus, but they deserve as much attention to detail as your MC.  They're not there to fill the background or deliver plot points on demand.  They need to be just as deep as your MC, even if they don't have as much screen, sorry, page time.

It boils down to this: if your secondary characters exist just for the sake of the plot and not as people with their own backstories and motivations, you need to develop them some more.


  1. At first, my secondary characters were flat, but as the novel went on they began to develop. By the end of my first book, I think I've piqued interest in both my MC and my secondary characters - which is good because in the second book they develop even more. I too have a devious little secondary char who I find so appealing I've decided to give her more spotlight.

    SO much love for secondary characters! Great theme for yours, by the way.

    1. Don't you love it when a secondary character develops enough to step up to a bigger role? In my previous MS a secondary character became the main character :P


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