Sunday Inspiration - Favourite Fictional Locations

One of the reasons I'll re-read a book or watch a film again or play Final Fantasy VII for the hundredth time is because of the setting.  Something about the locations used really appeal to me, and I find them inspiring.

For example, in Northern Lights by Philip Pullman, I love Lyra's Oxford.  It's full of mysterious places for Lyra to explore.  I especially love it when she finds the catacombs!

I know I share the Tron:Legacy soundtrack all the time, but that film is such a visual treat.  I especially love the images we see of the city at the start.  It's a strange and beautiful night time landscape.  As much as I love the digital world, I wanted to see more of the city too ^_^

As for Final Fantasy VII... well, I really have no idea how many times I've played that game over the years ^^; It's also quite hard to pick a favourite location.  Midgar is so cool because it's a city like no other, but then I really like The City of the Ancients because of how it looks like the whole place grew out of the sea.  The soundtrack is quite haunting too.


And then there's The World That Never Was in Kingdom Hearts II.  Huge, empty, neon-lit city! I wish you could explore all the buildings! Looooooove it! It's such a haunting location.

Oooh and Travese Town in the first game.  It always makes me feel like I've lost myself in an old European city at night.

So, how about you? What's your favourite fictional location?


  1. I'm really like Wonderland in the book I'm reading at the moment. It's trying to be different to Carrol's Wonderland but not straying too far from it's nonsensical qualities.

    And I love the cities and countries in World of Warcraft. They have to be my favourites by far!

    1. Is that The Looking Glass Wars? It sounds really interesting!

  2. I'm not sure that I have a favourite fictional location, but here are some that I like: 1) Dauntless HQ in DIVERGENT—I missed this in INSURGENT, 2) the world underground in the CITY OF EMBER movie—still need to read the book, and 3) definitely Hogwarts & Hogsmeade in the HARRY POTTER series. :) There are tons more, but these are the ones that first popped into my mind.

    1. Ooooh City of Ember! I've been meaning to read that for years too! Now we can both remind each other ;)

  3. Awesome question! I'd go with Terabithia or Pern.


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