Midweek Motivator

Today, I thought I'd share some music by Jakatta.  They released an album back in 2002, and it's always had a home on my iPod. 

This first track is American Dream.  I've always found it inspirational and great to daydream with ;) It's quite mellow and I love how it slows down around the 2:50 mark.  Have a listen!

My second favourite from the album is "My Vision", featuring Seal.

And finally, here's "So Lonely"... which is remarkably upbeat considering the title!

Have I made any Jakatta fans out of you? ;)


  1. Very cool music... perfect for a mid-week pick me up:)

  2. I like! Hadn't heard it before, but it does make for some good motivating music. :)

  3. I have LOVED the Seal/Jakatta song for years, but HELLO KRIS, why did it never occur to me to seek out more Jakatta music? Thanks for bringing this lack to my attention.

    1. They only have the one album, but it's worth getting!


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