Midweek Motivator - WiP Playlists

One of my favourite parts of writing is making playlists.  It's a way of planning - I know what kind of emotion I need certain parts of the story to convey, so I assign appropriate music.  And I'll use just about anything that works! My iPod is very multicultural.

Here's a taster of my completed manuscript and my new WiP:

For the opening chapters of my manuscript:

Sorry, it's quite quiet, but oh so menacing. Thank you for your existence, Silent Hill soundtrack!

Fight scenes:

Oooh I love a bit of JPop!!!

And lastly, for a key location in new WiP:

Aaah, Kingdom Hearts... is LIGHT!


How about you? ^_^ Where do you get your writing music from?


  1. I've discovered so many great songs on Pandora. I always love to find new music and artists that inspire the muse or somehow perfectly capture my characters. ;)

    1. Alas, Pandora doesn't work in the UK ;_;

    2. *le gasp!* I think I might weep.

  2. Replies
    1. I really appreciate it! Thanks again!


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