World Building - Weather

Another thing you'll want to consider for your world is the weather.

Here's India:

Ignore the crazies in jeans.  HOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!

 Here's England:

January 2011.  Brrrrr.

Hot, cold, sun, rain... it may seem like little details, but your world's weather could have a massive effect on the plot and your characters - and not just their clothing choices for the day.  For instance, it's so hot in Mumbai right now, walking any kind of distance without protecting your skin and carrying a lot of water is madness. On a larger scale, there's a drought until the monsoon season... which can easily cause flooding.  In other words, that's a lot of weather-related trouble your characters will have to deal with!

So, what's the weather like on your world?


  1. Considering there's been a bout of bad stormy weather here in the states, your post is very timely!

  2. My characters are usually spaceship-bound so the climate is controlled. You are correct though. The weather is an important aspect of description and scene setting. It doesn't take much, just a reference to someone sweating will tell you enough.


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