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What kind of jobs are there in your world? Have you considered just how many jobs you can create, and how different jobs reflect social standing?

Restaurants in India are a great place to see the division of labour.  You have the maitre d' who greets you and takes you to your table, you have another guy who will take your order and bring the bill at the end, another waiter who will bring out and serve the food and, finally, a final bloke to clean the table.

The building I live in employs security staff, cleaners, cooks, maintenance and even men to operate the lifts.   It's a bit like a hotel, except the cleaner likes to waltz in several times a day using his own key and doesn't like to take "no, you can't go in there" for an answer.  Seriously, showering during the day requires multiple door locks and having someone else in the flat to keep the bloody cleaner out.

Although my room in England is never this tidy...

At the pool I take my young friend to, there is a sign reading "parents must accompany children under ten.  Servants and maids are not permitted." I'd take a photo, but the sign continues on to say photography is prohibited ^^;

India also has what's known as a caste system.  It's a huge issue in India, with historical ties to British Colonialism. I'm not qualified to talk about in any depth, but I'll summarise as best I can. 

People either belong to one of four castes (social classes), or they're labelled "untouchable" (Dalit).  Your class has a huge impact on access to the type of home, schooling and job you'll have access too. Discrimination based on class is illegal, and, since the 1950s, improvements have been made to living conditions and access to education.  People can certainly rise above their social class - the man who wrote India's constitution was considered to be a Dalit, and many politicians come from the lower classes.  However, poverty and discrimination among the Dalit population remains a massive social problem. Can you imagine what it's like to be labelled as "untouchable" from the moment you are born?

Have you explored all the employment opportunities (or lack thereof) for your characters? Does the society and culture you've created directly impact the kinds of jobs that are available?


  1. Ooh, good points! In a few of my stories, I haven't had the chance to explore the intricacies of jobs, but I'll definitely have to do that later. I think the ideas of social class and how that translates into every facet of your life is seriously important to world building, and often overlooked.

    1. Social class is a huge influence on life, and definitely something to explore! Have fun :D

  2. Geez, I've never thought of jobs! Just when I think I know my story world, I always realize I've forgot something. ;) Great post!

  3. The caste system is disturbing. Every society has its own ways of turning part of its population into outcasts, unfortunately.

    1. Indeed it does. It's a very sad fact of life.


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