Road Trip Wednesday - Ta! (Also have a Midweek Motivator!)

For today's Road Trip Wednesday, YA Highway want to know about someone who's made a difference in your writing. 

I want to thank my lovely friend Laura, because her beta-reading of my entire manuscript moved my story on in ways I couldn't have managed alone.  She also puts up with my rants/obsessive personality/general madness and hasn't told me to get lost in over a decade.  I'd say that means she wins at life!

She also has an amazing photography blog, full of photos to inspire you.  Get over there and feast your eyes!

Aaaaaaand seeing as today is Wednesday, how about a midweek motivator too?

Gotta love some Flo too ;)


  1. I love my CPs who get me to dig deep, really reach in and help me breathe life into my story. Great post!

    1. Me too! It's exactly the "bringing down to earth" every writer needs.

  2. Laura sounds like a true friend indeed, Cole. You are blessed. :)

  3. Her pictures are indeed beautiful! :D
    and I agree with you on the magic support by Beta-readers. Mine has enabled me to spread my wings a bit wider :D
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. First I love that CD. Oh pictures are so inspirational. Really you can see one and think, wow what if...and there a story begins :)

  5. Florence and the Machine! Love it! Thank you for that and all the best with your writing :)

  6. Oooh Laura's photos are beautiful! Thanks for steering us her way :) And heck yeah, Florence! Thanks for the motivation!

  7. Flo and some great pics. Yes, thanks for the motivation!

  8. I'd be lost without CPs! And, oh, I love Florence. This song is awesome.

  9. So envious of your CP. I need to get one :) Oh, and I [heart] Florence + the Machine. So great :)

  10. Beta readers are awesome. Great answer!

  11. Cool shout out to a great friend. Everyone needs a good CP!

  12. *collapses in a heap*

    Gosh, thank you so much. "Putting up with you" has been one of the absolute best parts of the past decade (+), so...

    I love reading your manuscript!! I think you may be exaggerating my helpfulness, but it's great fun for me! I am going to flail myself into a coma when you get it published, just FYI. Into. a. coma. And then someone will have to wake me up so I can flail some more.

    (Also, any time I hear Florence + the Machine I think of you! :D)


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