Every April since 1998, I play Resident Evil 2.  For reasons I don't really understand, as soon as Spring is in the air, I have to play Resident Evil 2.  Spring and zombie killing in Raccoon City are inextricably linked.

What about this doesn't make you want to kill zombies?

We all have habits... some weirder than others.  And there will be habits in your writing.

I'm not talking about words like "that" and "was", I'm talking about the words or phrases personal to you.  Some you'll catch on your own, others someone else may need to point out.

However, don't be too quick to cut all of them out.  Some are a part of your unique style.  Hopefully, my (currently) finalised manuscript has the right blend of habit and variety.

Anybody else have any gaming writing habits?

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I mean, it just screams "Spring is here" right? ;)


  1. After all, it's good training for the zombie apocalypse!

    1. Exactly! Now I'll be able to solve all the puzzles and survive the zombie attack.

  2. I don't have any writerly habits except to drink vast quantities of tea.

    As for the Zombies, we're already here. We just let you think we are stupid brain eaters. Mwahahahahahahaha.

  3. I think you need another month of playing it - apparently May is Zombie Awareness Month!

    The thing I'm always having to edit out of my writing is just me repeating myself. I have a terrible habit for writing a sentence and then basically writing the same thing again but said in a different way.

    1. Yes, I do the same thing! I had a great example of writing expo and having the character say it in the very next line. Epic fail!

      Well, my Resident Eviling is continuing into May. The second game just belongs to April ;)


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