View From Above - Urban Inspiration

Designing a city for your novel? Here's some photos from the roof of a hotel to inspire you!

With its mix of high-rise, ultra modern buildings, old tower blocks and slums, Mumbai is a great place to base a fictional location on!

Looking North.

The building I live in is right behind that huuuuuuge under construction skyscraper.  At night the cranes at the top light up.  It's very pretty!

Looking South

In the middle left of the photo you can just about make out a small building in the water.  That's a mosque called Haji Ali.  The main part of the image is one of the many slums in Mumbai, but not the largest.

It all looks quite peaceful from above, right?



  1. I would probably benefit from using photos to help me describe my locations. Thanks for the suggestion. And Mumbai sounds like a good location to use.

  2. This is super-useful for the city in my WIP. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Ohhh, that mosque in the water! Fabulous.

    1. It's beautiful but, to be quite honest, the stench is stopping me from going any closer. The smell defies belief!

    2. Oh gosh! Well... it looks beautiful from so far away! ;)


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