Designing A Top Secret Base (With a Five-Year-Old)

What's a great way to spend time while waiting for food in a restaurant with a child? And do you need a super awesome location for your novel?


What's the story behind this? When I was 10, my classroom flooded due to a leaking roof and lots of rain.  The teachers, unable to give proper lessons, told us to design an underground base to save people from an alien invasion...

...Yeah, seriously.  This was the late 1990s.  I suspect the teachers were huge X-Files fans.

I decided to revive the idea to entertain my young friend in restaurants.  To be honest, I'm not sure which one of us is enjoying it more ^^;

It's also a great way to map out a location for your story! So go on, grab a pen and paper and get creating.  Make sure you include everything a trapped, subterranean society will need! Our designs up there include lots of body-building equipment... because you've got to stay strong!


  1. You ARE so multi-talented! :D This is awesome!

  2. Oh my gosh, this might be the best idea I've ever heard!! :) Forget kids...I'm gonna do this during work tomorrow!

    1. Have fun! It's pretty addictive once you start!

  3. I've passed along the Liebster Blog Award to you :)


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