"Reach a little higher"

In Stephen King's introduction to The Shining, he writes "...in every writer's career - usually early in it - there comes a 'crossroad's novel,' where the writer is presented with a choice: either doing what you have done before, or to try and reach a little higher."

Without going into detail, my brain's been full of really different ideas lately, and I wonder if I'm reaching the crossroads Stephen King mentions.  Technically writing isn't my career (yet), but I know I want to achieve more with the next story I write.  I'll explore different themes and different character types.  It will be challenging, but what's life if it doesn't throw something different at you? Sometimes, to achieve something really special, you've got to push yourself rather than sitting back and rewriting the same old thing.


Is your next manuscript going to push your skills as a writer to the limit?


  1. I honestly think that the series I have currently planned out, which I am working on the first book for, is something that will stretch me as a writer in all directions. Each volume in the series will be taking it to a new level. I tend to be very ambitious to begin with so I don't think I'll ever be tempted to stay in my comfort zone. One of my favorite quotes, that I continually apply to my creative efforts, is from C.S. Lewis' The Last Battle:

    "Further up and further in!"

    1. That C.S. Lewis quote is *definitely* needs to go on my desk :)


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