Midweek Motivator - Britpop Edition

I watched a very, very, very brief snippet of the Brit Awards last night, and it reminded me of a band I haven't listened to in FOREVER.  Although I wasn't keen on their performance last night, Blur are still awesome and their music takes me right back to my 90s childhood.

The video features a dancing milk carton.  'Nuff said.

Ooooh the 90sness of this video is so, so, so hilarious.

Now, as anyone who was around in the UK in the 90s will know, Blur and Oasis didn't get on very well :P I prefer Oasis, but that's probably because my middle brother, G, listened to them ALL THE TIME and me, being the littlest of the bunch, figured whatever he liked had to be totally cool

(J, we already discussed the obsessions you unwittingly kick-started in me ;))

To this day, whenever an Oasis song comes after a Blur song on my iPod, I expect the poor little red thing to implode.

Let's hope my blog doesn't suffer...

Let's hope Oasis will take their own advice one of these days :P

Happy Wednesday!

(...I suddenly feel really old ^^;;;)


  1. I love Blur. But then, I love Oasis too. I think I always liked their music in equal measure, but I looooved Alex James from Blur. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    1. I definitely prefer Oasis, but Blur definitely made some real classics :D Aaaaand they're all still talking to each other! Bonus!

  2. What? No Song 2? I think that's probably the only Blur song I ever knew. As for Oasis, not sure I ever really liked them. I kind of found them a little whiny sounding (sorry). Speaking of annoying voice: The Tragically Hip. Can't. Stand. Them. I know I should tossed off the Teen in the 90s wagon, but such is life :-)

    1. Incidentally, almost all of the groups/singers I listen to now come from the UK: Imogen Heap, Florence + the Machine, Snow Patrol, Mumford & Sons, The Script, and more :-)

    2. I thought about Song 2, but I figured that's the one song of theirs everyone knows, so how about something else! :D

      LOL! I forgive you ^_^

      Florence + the Machine owns my iPod. Love her music sooooooo much.

  3. I love how I can usually count on you for an Oasis tune in your Midweek Motivator series. :)


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