In Conclusion...

I have a tag over on the right about beginnings.  I've worked a lot on my opening chapters.  I'm quite happy with them.  Unfortunately, I haven't dedicated as much time to the end, and I think it's starting to show.

(Sorry, beta readers.  My sudden attack of perfectionism has destroyed my weekend deadline. Oh, and the fact that it's set to SNOW TOMORROW SQUEE!!!!!)


Anyway, back on topic! I've reached the final four chapters of my novel and I keep wanting to bang my head against a wall.  However, as I do not want a concussion, I figured I'd do the following instead:

  1. Stop editing and make a cup of tea. 
  2. Be really honest: is it "bad" or are you panicking?
  3. If it does need work, don't get carried away.  Smooth out the roughest patches.
  4. It's the end so make sure it's intense! Shorter sentences, no waffling and DEFINITELY no waltzing off on random tangents! The end has to be totally to the point.
  5. Try not to forget anything ^^;
Hopefully, by the time I finish off this edit, I'll feel happier about the conclusion of my book.  

Have you favoured the beginning over the ending of your book?


  1. I've only written one ending, and it was hard to get it right (and actually, it was still a bit rushed, but since the project got trunked, I never fixed it). So I can't offer any answer to your question. But good luck!
    And SNOW! We've got over a foot so far in the last 24 hours and it's still snowing! Yay! Hope you enjoy it!
    Now go make some tea and get crackin', Miss!

    1. A foot of snow?! We won't get anywhere near that much, which is probably a good thing because the city would ground to a halt.

      Have tea, will edit ;)

  2. Your #1 is always a good solution!!

    I tend to rush my endings on first draft too. Sometimes it takes a few passes to know the right tone and actions to use to wrap it all up. Good luck!

    1. Tea solves everything ;)

      I completely agree with you - it does take a few goes to get it right. I was SO EXCITED OMG NEARLY THERE!!! when I originally wrote the ending that I raced through it. Soon, though, it will be ready!

  3. My ending felt rushed too. I think when I was writing the draft I was so eager to just finish it that I just zoomed through it.

    Snow still hasn't turned up here. I'm waiting impatiently for it.

    1. Me too - getting close to the end was so exciting, I raced through it. Time to tidy up!

      We're waiting too. It's supposed to snow over night down here in the south east!

  4. I have been favoring my beginnings, probably because I dread the middles and I'll be sad once I reach the end.

    1. Beginnings are exciting because that's the start of the adventure! Endings are definitely sad.


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