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While websites like Tumblr and Pinterest let you track inspiring images online, I like to have things I can touch in reality.  Call me old fashioned, but sometimes I want real things rather than images on a screen.  So I have prints, photos, posters and historic postcards all over the place to keep my imagination ticking over.

Local news article about underground bunkers in Brighton

Brighton seafront in the snow (not my photo)

Prints from abandoned areas of Ellis Island, NYC (not my photos)

Huuuuuge poster of a recreated 1900s Underground station

My door/pinboard with a mixture of my photos and postcards

Weeeeell, okay, mine's less a pinboard and more of an entire room takeover, but it *started* on a pinboard :P

How about you? Do you like to have things all around you when you write, or do you need a blank space?


  1. Ahhh! This is awesome! The entire wall behind my writing desk is covered in character photos, inspirational quotes, and notes from CPs. Now if only I could write there more often.....:D

    I love Pinterest, too, and have a board for my WiP, but of course it's a fail sometimes when you have to switch between windows just to see it, or switch off the internet altogether. :/

    1. Thanks!

      Yeah, the danger of Tumblr is spending too long browsing and not enough time writing ^^;

  2. I wanted to sign up for Pinterest, but found I needed either a Facebook or Twitter account to do so. Sigh.

    I can't have stuff like that all over my house because... kids. My son is an unstoppable force of primal destruction so... no nice things until he gets older. :)

  3. Everything mainly goes into notebooks and there's quite a few of those tucked under my desk! I have my notebooks for planning certain WiPs, making character notes, and editing notes etc. But I have a notebook that I'm filling up with newspaper articles, character profiles, pictures, and any research of mythical beasts or supernatural urban legends that I've found interesting and made a note of. I guess you could call that the inspiration notebook.

    1. Notebooks are good too! I've managed to make one scrapbook, but I'm prone to sticking things up around me ^^;

  4. I used to have vision collages for weight loss/workout motivation, but nothing for my WIP. I just started using Pintrest, but I'm so secretive that I'm uncomfortable with the idea of anyone being able to see the images I'm pinning up. Maybe it's high time I start making a shoebox of inspirational things. I have a wall behind my desk, just nothing pinned up.

    Perhaps it's time to change that!

  5. I have clutter around me as I write. Does that count?

  6. I have about a foot of twine pinned to the wall and I use clothespins to pin things along the line that inspire my writing. I'll have to take photos of it sometime!


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