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So, I mentioned on Twitter I've been editing with the old school Tomb Raider soundtracks.  Sometimes, rather than music, I just need sound.  Thankfully, Tomb Raider II was happy to oblige:

Aaaah, the opera house level.  So huge.  So baffling.

The Maria Doria levels of Tomb Raider II are probably some of my favourite videogaming moments of all time.

Hmm, do I have some suitably Tomb Raidery photos to match these ominous SFX tracks?

Where have the kings of old hidden the treasure?

Deep underground perhaps? WATCH OUT FOR TIGERS!

Well, tigers and dinosaurs ;) And wolves.  Damn, the wolves were scary.  And those creepy god things in Tomb Raider III...

Any of you play the original PlayStation Tomb Raider games? 


  1. I like to listen to dramatic music while I write and edit, but personally I'm more of a Zelda Ocarina of Time kinda girl.

    1. I love Zelda too, but Tomb Raider came first for me ^_^ The joys of having an older brother :D

  2. I love these photos. Is that castle in England? It reminds me a little of Kirkstall Abbey where I live. They're incredible ruins and they look ghostly at night. I'd love to live in one of the houses on the hill opposite where you have the parks, museum and ruins all in front of you.

    1. It's Goodrich Castle, on the border of England and Wales. It's an absolutely amazing place! And I too would love to live in a place with a view like that ^_^

      (and with steam trains puffing by daily)

  3. How funny--I also like to listen to the TR soundtracks! Do you have a channel on YouTube you can recommend? I've found a few, but usually they are TR tracks along with other games like Mario Bros, which pulls me out of the writing zone.

    As for playing TR, I've never owned a gaming system. Sad, I know. But I'm working on getting one, maybe for a goal reward or something. Not sure, but I know I want to get a system specifically to play the Tomb Raider games because they look like so much fun!

    1. I have them on CD (the original 90s games came with them on the game disks!), but this Youtube user has them in separate playlists. Just scroll down 'til you find them!

      The old TR games are quite tricky to play on a PC because they were made for Windows 95/98. TR 2 and 3 used to play on my XP laptop, but they haaaate Vista and I doubt they're keen on Windows 7. There are always the PlayStation versions, or there's probably downloadable ones on more modern consoles.


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