Sunday Inspiration - RANDOMNESS EDITION

Okay, firstly, this t-shirt happened this week:

Yeah, my geekery knows few limits!

Then it seems I know lots and lots of people who are pregnant or have just had babies... which led to me remember this picture I took nearly three years ago of my mum and her nephew.  WARNING: THE FOLLOWING IMAGE MAY MAKE YOU BROODY.


And, to finish off on an AWESOME note, the crew of the HMS Ocean put this video together.  Merry Christmas!

Anyone else have any random inspiration this week?


  1. Zelda Ocarina of Time! My favourite video game OF ALL TIME!

    The N64, what a great machine. Guess you're not the only one showing their geekiness.

  2. Christine: Isn't it awesome! For me, it's second only to Final Fantasy VII.

    Aaaah N64. Your insane controllers made no sense, but you gave us Zelda and Goldeneye ^______^


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