Sunday Inspiration - Ghost Story Edition

Sunday's here again, so it's time to get inspired.  Christmas is a good time for ghost stories (so says Susan Hill in The Woman in Black), so I thought I'd inspire a few today.

But firstly, I have to share my brother's "Bearigator" with you all:

Beautiful hand modelling from my brother, no?

Truly a work of unparalleled genius ;)

But yes, Christmas and ghost stories! Perhaps some of the following will chill you and inspire you to write a ghost story of your own.

What lurks around the corner?

What hides behind the door?

And, of course, you need ominous music to accompany such images...

And finally, seeing as I won't be posting next Sunday, here's your chance to request a Sunday Inspiration theme! Photos or music, share your idea and I'll post something to inspire you! Leave a comment or tweet @MissColeBurke with your suggestion.


  1. Christine: I love that door! I've tried opening it but its rusted in such a way that it won't open any more.

  2. I fully agree! I think Christmas is the best time for a ghost story. I just finished the Woman in Black - excellent story! And I'm glad I read it at this time of year. With the cold weather outside it helped me feel the chill of the story better.

    I love the snow covered path. I can just see a ghostly image appearing right there. These photos are very inspiring! Thank you very much for posting them.

  3. Robin: The Woman in Black is SO good, isn't it? I've read it a few times, and every time it leaves me genuinely scared.

    You're very welcome for the pictures. Thanks for following!


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