Midweek Motivator

Happy Wednesday everyone! Are you ready to be motivated?!

Firstly, look at how pretty the sky is here tonight!

Taken around 4:15pm from the attic

Also, check out this adorable Agenda I received from a family at work today.  I can't wait to make use of it! I am in such love with it <3 I think it will come in quite useful for scheduling writing book 3 and editing books 1 and 2 over the Christmas holidays.

From Sukie. Here's their Blog

And now for some music! How shall we motivate today? Hmmmmm...

This song reminds me of summer 2011 in America and here at home in Brighton.

Hope you're all having a good week. With school out, Book 2's rewrite begins tomorrow.  PREPARE THE TEAPOT!


  1. I've been up at 4am with the baby a lot lately, and it really is the most beautiful time of day. I really should get up before dawn more often, it's such an inspiring time of day.

    I do love my sleep though.

  2. Christine: I tend to drive to work before sunrise so as I'm driving along the coast road I'm always wishing I had the time to pull over and take photos.

    Hope Polly Pocket is doing well!

  3. Our break starts in a week and I AM SO EXCITED!!! Thanks for the mid-week motivation! I so need it right now.

  4. Cute agenda and gorgeous sky. Thanks for the motivation!

  5. Shannon: Thanks! It's super cute, isn't it? And you're welcome for the motivation!

  6. Beautiful sky! I like the planner, too.


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