Goodbye, 2011! Featuring Blogs, Photos and Music I Love

2011 has been a great year.  I've written two novels and entered the blogging world.  There are some brilliant blogs out there.  Here's a few I think you should be following!

Zap's Lobster Tank - Francesca's posts are just brilliant.  A+ for brilliant use of gifs :D
Jen's Bookshelf - Thought-provoking and educational!  MORE AUSSIE SLANG PLZ!
Kris Atkins - Upbeat and cheerful! What a lovely blog ^_^

I also thought I'd indulge in the two other things my blog is known for - photography and music.

Here is my favourite photo taken in 2011:

This was taken on a flight from North Carolina to Texas in July.  The clouds were absolutely beautiful! You can find more of these images here on my Flickr. I took this using my Kodak point-and-shoot, which goes to show you don't need a DSLR to take amazing photos.  Unfortunately, my Kodak recently developed a rather serious problem, so 2011 is the year of its retirement.

My Coke at a Texas Rangers game.  My Kodak's finest moment.

I'm still getting to grips with DSLR photography (it's not as easy as it looks!), but I'm starting to make some improvements!

Here's one of my Canon's best captures:

I miss Spring!

And my favourite song of 2011?

This is Landscape from the deluxe version of Ceremonials.  I love it.

I'm feeling really positive about 2012, and I hope you all are too! Best of luck to absolutely all of you as you pursue your writing dreams.  Let's hope we'll all have big news to share next year!


  1. Glad you've had a great 2011 - here's to an even better 2012.

  2. Great pictures. Photography has never really been my forte which makes me appreciate the talent in others even more. Hope you have a great new year!

  3. The Coke picture is excellent!

    Have a great 2012, Cole! :)

  4. Angeline: Thanks! Same to you :D

    Tasha: Thank you! I hope you have a fantastic 2012 too!

    Colin: The photo was simply perfect timing. I think the ice was showing its horror of the Texan heat! Have a great 2012!

  5. Awwww, thanks for the love! *glows* Your blog is one of my favorites. Thank you for being my first ever commenter. And next year is our year!
    MOAR PUBLISHING CONTRACTS!! Or rather, even just one would be great. ^_^

  6. Kris: You're welcome! Here's to our awesome 2012!!!!


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