Oh yes, THE TIME HAS COME for me to reveal MY SUPAH POWAH!



YA Highway wants to know "What are your writing and publishing superpowers (drafting? beta-reading? writing queries? plotting? character creation? etc.) -- and what's your kryptonite?"

My power is my visual imagination.  Everything I write starts as a film in my mind, and I always try to make it just that little bit different.

My kryptonite is titles.  The title I have for my manuscript took SEVEN YEARS.  Yeah.  Not my strength.

And here's a midweek motivator! There's a lyric about Superman, so it's perfect ;)

Great song, crazy 80s video.  The puppets were from a show called Spitting Image


  1. Visual imaginations rock. I can sometimes imagine scenes from my MS as movies. It's a beautiful thing, and a great superpower!

    That vid - I remember thinking how weird it was when I first saw it. Creepy and fun!

  2. Oh God, TITLES, I forgot about titles. They're so bloomin hard!

  3. Bah, titles ... I change them all the time lol
    Good one!

  4. That Chicane song is doing wonders for my visual imagination lately.

    I do love thinking up titles, though. Sometimes I'll get the title before I get the story. X_x

    (And btw--a logline is a really really short pitch. Like one or two sentences, less than 100 words. The shorter the better. And they SUCK.)

  5. I LOVE it when my story plays in my head like a movie! And titles - if they don't come immediately, they take what feels like seven years.

  6. Gah - titles! Another killer for me. *sighs sadly*

  7. Love the film superpower! I've decided that titles are either instantaneously easy or ridiculously hard.

    I love the look of your blog, BTW!

  8. Yes, film superpower is wonderful!

    And I wouldn't sweat the titles...I've been told that a lot of times publishers want to change them anyway...that fact has helped keep me from becoming emotionally attached to the titling process.

  9. Ha! I first read that your title WAS Seven Years...and I'm thinking, yeah, not her strong suit. =)

  10. Love movie/books or as we should call them movooks. If only we can all sell massive amounts and get the perfect director that wants to keep everything the same the actual movie. So perfect.

  11. I've had luck with titles so far. I think I've come up with some good ones, and one of my MS' has titles for each chapter which were actually fun to come up with.
    I also see my stuff as movies in my head first. Sometimes translating it into words is easy, sometimes not so much.

  12. Awesome superpower! :D

    I actually love titles. But I can't start writing without one in mind.

  13. Oh man. Titles are the WORST. I usually will have a title come to mind before I've planned/outlined/started working. And I will usually love that title. And then I'll do all that other stuff and the title will no longer work for my WIP. Sigh.

  14. Ooh! Titles! Why didn't I think of that? Totally one of my kryptonites too. Good call!

  15. It's good thatou're great at visual imagination and not the other way around ;o) I still need a title for my WiP - am hoping one will just jump out of nowhere!

  16. Donelle: I think I've seen it once before. It's quite odd! And it's so fun to watch the story. It helps bring out the details.

    AJ Mullarky: I'm the worse. I suck at them.

    Sarah: I'm so glad I'm not alone!

    Juliana: They're hard to get right and hard to love!

    Francesca: Thanks for the definition. And I'm so glad that song helps. It's beautiful. There are a lot of remixed out there, and a 7 minute version too. I wish my titles preceeded the novel!

    Alison: It's a pretty useful superpower. I wouldn't trade it even if it made titles easier :P

    Dana: Titles are so hard. It has to summarise the whole novel!

    Rebecca: Thanks for following! Your definition of titles are perfect.

    Jennifer: I've heard that about titles too. Talk about a relief! Thanks so much for following the blog!

    Suze: Hah! Yeah, that wouldn't be the best title ever. Thanks for following! :D

    Sarah: Movooks. Love it! I may begin the search for a director now ;)

    Melanie: I hereby declare my admiration for your awesome title power!

    Kathy: I love how different we all are as writers. I really have to force myself to come up with a title.

    Sara: I think that's the reason I refuse to think of titles until I've at least got a first draft... and then a few years down the line I might settle on one I like ;)

    Katy: Thanks!

    Amanda: Hah, I totally agree with you on the title. I'm waiting for it to leap into my mind when I least expect it ;)

  17. Titles... YES. I have such a hard, hard time!

  18. Alicia: It's so hard to find a way to summarise an entire novel in so few words.

  19. Titles are the hardest... I change mine a trillion times and even then doubt it...:) My super power would have to be hmmm creating suspense... weakness is tackling the slower moving scenes.

  20. Ooh, awesome question! It's so fun to see your answers. And YES to the visual imagination! That's exactly how mine works too. :)

  21. Yeah titles are either instant for me, or take FOREVER to think up.

  22. TF Walsh: Titles take a very special super power. Suspense is also an awesome power to possess!

    Nicole: It's so much fun, isn't it? ^_^

    Lynda: Exactly! Unfortunately, they rarely come in an instant.


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