Sunday Inspiration and Stuff

I just wanted to let you lovely people know posts, responses and comments may be a tad late this week.  It's Christmas Concert Week at school, so it's all going to be hectic and mad.  If I seem absent, that's why!


And thirdly, Calling Kris Atkins! The word you're trying to read is "sketching" ;)


  1. Ah! It was so funny to see my name in this post. At first, I thought you were referring to the video. And so I was a little confused. Then it clicked. ^_^
    Thanks for the clarification! Hope your concert goes well.

  2. Kris: Yay for clicking! And thanks, I hope the concerts go well too. We've got 4 this week! Phew!

  3. Aah, love the 'Phonics. I think we have similar music tastes :o) Good luck with the chaos that is the School Christmas concert!


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