Plotters, I admire you, because in my head you must all have such lovely pieces of paper with beautifully colour-coordinated and bullet-pointed outlines.

My head is a bit more...

Thanks again for the Bamboo, brother!

...I wouldn't know how to condense that lot into a cohesive pre-writing outline.

I love to explore as I write.  Sure, half of what I write won't make it into the final draft, but I love trying a variety of angles and stretching my creativity.  This is a more time-consuming way to create, but it works for me.

Plotting in advance leads my brain to do things like this:

The red line is my brain's way of stamping its imaginary foot

So my brain and I have a very good understanding.  It allows me to have a beginning and an end and, if it's feeling particularly charitable, a middle.  But getting between those things requires on the spot making it up.  I don't know what I'll end up writing for today's NaNo target, but it'll get me closer to my vague idea of an ending.

And speaking of NaNo, time to get going!

Oooh, but not before I also add this awesome piece of music.  I can't remember sharing this before, but even if I have, it deserves repeating.  Seriously haunting. 

Happy writing to all you pantsers and plotters out there!


  1. I'm a plotter. But my plotting comes one day at a time. BEAUTIFUL music!! Your taste is immaculate.

  2. I need to have a general plot before I start writing, but I don't need to have all of my scenes carefully planned or anything. What I do need to have is my characters and my world figured out, because ultimately they are what determine the plot.

  3. AJ Mullarky: I've never been told I have immaculate taste before! Thank you <3

    Sarah: I *love* it when a character walks into my head and demands I tell their story. I love how they come alive as the story continues.

  4. I've come to terms with being a complete pantser. Instead of admitting that I have no idea where I'm going when I sit down to write, I'm going to start telling people that it's not a first draft they're looking at -- it's the most comprehensive outline they'll ever see in their lives. Then plotters will envy me.

    But yeah, when I see colour coding charts I want to run and hide. I don't even write grocery lists.

  5. Jen: ...I need to start telling people that's what my first drafts are! I will still follow it up with "no, no you can't read it. Never. No."

    Pantsing FOREVER!

  6. See, my brain is like that first picture too, which is why I need to write things down. I don't like a really strict, super detailed plot. Just enough to get me from beginning, to middle, to end. And when I think of things along the way, to add in future pages, I write them down too because I forget things easily.

  7. Kris: Notebooks and post-it notes have saved my writing more times than I can count!


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