Midweek Motivator (And Assorted Extras)

...I don't remember this music being this EPIC in Ocarina of Time, but it is SO GOOD.  LOOK AT THE CAPSLOCK LOVE! LOOOOOK AAAAAT IIIIIIT! And listen ;) Perfect for action scenes!

So! NaNo is finished for me.  My first draft of book 2 is complete.  Hurrah! I am handwriting bits and bobs so my wordcount may go up a little more, but 55682 is my wordcount.  Woo!

And lastly, Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers! I am already jealous of all the yummy food I am missing. 


  1. OMG my friend got the symphony CD with his copy of Skyward Sword! I'M SO JEALOUS. BUT IT'S TOO AWESOME SO I CAN'T BE JEALOUS FOR LONG.

    Also I need to go buy Skyward Sword...

  2. Congrats on completing NaNoWriMo! Thanksgiving is certainly one of the perks of moving to the States. My wife and her mother always make excellent food, and my sister-in-law's squash casserole is TO DIE FOR! (That's squash as in member of the courgette family--not as in the drink concentrate.)

  3. Well done on finishing NaNo! *high five*

  4. I am buying my nephew Skyward Sword for Christmas. When he throws a tanty from too much sugar, I'll be pushing for him to be sent to his room so I can play it.

    I still have a dusty old N64 around the place - and Ocarina of Time still works. Love that game!

    Congrats on finishing Nano with time to spare!

  5. Congrats on finishing book 2 - that's awesome!! I'll send some yummy food vibes your way today!

  6. Francesca: I've had it on repeat since Monday ^^; Hope you get the game soon. It's awesome ;)

    Colin: Thanks! And don't worry, I know what a squash is ;)

    AJ Mullarky: Thanks! *high five!*

    Jen: hah! Good plan! It's such an epic game. And Ocarina of Time is a classic. I'm going to have to replay that soon too.

    Nicole: Cheers!


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