Anti-Bullying Week

It's anti-bullying week in the UK.  I've discussed my own experiences before, but I just wanted to encourage everyone out there to take a stand against bullying it all its forms.  It made me miserable when I was fourteen, but I was lucky enough to go to a school with a fantastic anti-bullying policy. But it's up to all of us to put a stop to bullying wherever we see it.  No one has a right to put others down, because doing so says more about the bully than the victim.

And no one should suffer alone. 

Here's just one site of many on the Internet for advice and help.

Bullies? Miss Cole is taking a stand against you, and she's bringing as many people as she can round up! BE AFRAID!


  1. I used to be bullied but my school did nothing and pretended it wasn't there. Unfortunately, I have found that for some, it continues even when they've finished education.

    I hate bullies. I was one at one point though and I know exactly why it happens. For me, it was boredom. And stupidity but mostly boredom.

  2. Kamille: I think it's brave to admit you were a bully. And you're right, bullying definitely goes way beyond school. It's why we all have to work against it.


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