It's the post you've all been waiting for!

So, the plot whiteboard. I've had mine since July and until I took a photo of my desk the other day, I sort of forgot I hadn't posted about its awesomeness.

I first got the idea from Kathleen Peacock's “Have Board, Will Plot” post.

I mostly use mine to make notes to myself while editing or writing, or when I need to keep track of numbers of things or, as you can see, a countdown (it's very important to the climax of my story). I'm really terrible with numbers. I can never ever keep track of how many or how long in stories, so I use my whiteboard. It's been a life saver.

I have a very quick reference for my 3 main characters' hair and eye colours. I know that might sound a little bit ridiculous, but you'd be amazed at how easy it is to change them over the course of a manuscript.

I also have a tiny, boxed off section dedicated to a completely separate story I started writing but have recently put on hold. I definitely want to write it, but editing has to be my focus right now.

And there's ample space for doodles.

It's so much easier to have a massive space with all the really important information open and visible at all times.  It's faster than flicking pages of notes. I can glance to my right and see what I need to see. If I had the space, I'd get a HUUUUUUUUUUGE whiteboard up and divide it into key plot elements, character motivations and locations (well, I have that on a piece of paper. It's on my desk... somewhere...) But for now, my whiteboard is perfect and I love it so <3


  1. I love whiteboards. I used to use them for plotting but I use them for planning college essays now.

    I love the face on your whiteboard!

  2. Great technique. Now I'm going to get one! Gotta figure out a place for it exactly. I'd love a big one, like you, but not sure I have the room for it. Thanks for sharing! And have a lovely weekend!
    (And I love your MOAR TENSION note! ^_^)

  3. Urghhh I need a whiteboard. More importantly, I need space in my dorm room for a whiteboard. >.< This looks like such a good idea.

  4. Wow--you certainly fit a lot of pertinent info on your white board. I'd absolutely need a notebook for all the details you written down. There might be something to this white board idea, if only to cut down on the number of notebooks I buy!

  5. Well, I just happen to have a spare whiteboard in the office, leant up against the wall - am going to add it to hubbie's weekend job list, lol!

  6. Kamille: I wish I'd had one back in my university days!

    Kris: I had the perfect empty wall space for mine and made sure I bought one to fit. Hee, the note is in reaction to my rather lacklustre original ending. Enjoy your weekend too!

    Francesca: Ah, dorm life. You could always put up huge sheets of paper so you don't have to attempt sticking it to the wall.

    TL Conway: The busier my board, the happier I am ^_^

    Amanda: Sounds like a great idea!

    AJ Mullarky: They're just so useful.

  7. Nice! Whiteboards are fantastic - I'd be worried I'd run out of space for character & plot notes, though. I tend to go on a bit...

  8. Nicole: I have to shrink my handwriting to get everything on there ^^;


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