Sunday Inspiration

In editing news, Chapter Twenty-Six sucked so bad, I cut 565 words of it.  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah :) Now I feel better.  Things are flowing better, I've made better use of a side character and the plot isn't getting bogged down in an unnecessary conflict.  Simple is better!

Anyway! It's Sunday, and that means its time to relax and get inspired.  I'm currently watching highlights from the Tokyo Gymnastics World Championships.  Talk about talent! I love watching how effortless they make it all look, like I could get up and perform those routines.  Hmm... maybe I could have when I actually did gymnastics... or not.  I was never that good!

Right, right, okay, Cole, focus... Share some inspiring things!

Alien landscapes anyone? I took these photos in South Dakota's Badlands in 2007.  And seriously, how cool does "Badlands" sound? So dramatic!

It's one of the most amazing landscapes I've ever seen.  If you have a chance to go there, you should!

And now if you'll excuse me, I have more chapters to hammer and slice and otherwise beat up ;)


  1. You do a lot of travelling!

    They're gorgeous pictures though.

    I wish I had gone to gymnastics lessons but with my luck, I probably would've kicked somebody in the face.

  2. Kamille: I've been very lucky in my life to see so much of the US ^_^

    I used to love gymnastics, but I doubt I could even pull off a roly-poly now!

  3. I wish to travel in the future.

    I can still do a roly-poly. If there's nothing around in a 6 metre radius lol!

  4. Kamille: Work hard and I'm sure you'll be able to travel far and wide!

  5. I love all your pictures so much. I just want to print them all out and make a collage of them in the cubby of my dorm desk, so I can look at pretty landscapes instead of white concrete. >.<

  6. Francesca: I've been thinking of making some into postcards to sell cheap or give away when I hit 100 followers. And I feel your pain. My dorm room was like a cell and I went insane decorating it with photos and posters so it looked less bland.


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