Sunday Inspiration - Fantasy Edition

How does an old ruined castle and some beautiful scenery sound to you all? Got to get inspired for NaNoWriMo after all!

This is a place called Symonds Yat.  Absolutely beautiful.


And then this is Goodrich Castle.  It was BRILLIANT! I felt like I'd stepped back into distant days.  You could imagine how it must have been, but at the same time the way it stands today is just as inspiring.

I'm looking forward to engaging in NaNoWriMo this year.  Book one is off with the beta readers (WOO HOO! STAGE COMPLETE!!!), so I'm going to tackle book two. 

Good luck to everyone taking part!

I've taken the weekend off from writing, refreshing myself for NaNo.  To stop myself from writing, I went to see this:

Brilliant film.  When I was younger, I used to get the Tintin comics out of my local library, so I was extremely happy to see it on the big screen.  What a great adventure story! I really really really hope they make another one! Plus Tintin's hair looks great.

Tomorrow, Florence and the Machine's new album comes out.  All in all, I think my imagination will be ready for NaNo!


  1. Those really small, winding stairs look kinda creepy, like it's leading you into a dungeon. It's quite inviting though. I sort of feel like I want to go down there.

    The castle looks like it's going to fall.

    I love the pics of Symonds Yat though.

  2. Again, great pictures! As for Tin Tin--I can only imagine Steven Moffat is thrilled to see his name on the big screen next to Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. It looks like a good movie.

  3. I like looking for photos of interesting natural phenomenon for my fantasy inspiration.

    Castles are truly amazing. I don't think you really GET them until you've stood in one. I remember visiting one in Italy years ago and it just blew me away.

  4. Oh, I'm so jealous of the amazing photos! Love old ruins. My mom and I did the "castle tour" of Ireland a few years ago, and it was breathtaking. They truly take you back to a different era and spark imagination. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Remember my last comment? Just copy and paste it into this comment because these pictures arouse the same feelings. I WANT TO SEE A CASTLE IN REAL LIFE!!
    Happy Halloween!

  6. Kamille: Ooh, the dungeon was elsewhere and it was totally pitch black. Very creepy!

    Colin: Thanks! Tintin's brilliant. Just the adaptation it needed :D I'm completely in love with it all over again.

    Sarah: We walked up there and I just started humming the Lord of the Rings theme :P And yes, castles are some of the most amazing places I've ever been. And I've sort of lost count of how many I've been in, but they never ever get dull.

    Nicole: You're very welcome! Castles are wonderful places :D

    Kris: *giggles* Consider it pasted ;) Hope you get to a real castle someday! Happy Halloween to you too!


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