Midweek Motivator!

Seeing as autumn has finally descended upon us, I wanted to go with calmer, more atmospheric inspiration...


Mellow but inspiring... or maybe that's because I have a sudden overwhelming urge to play Tomb Raider for the rest of the evening... hmmm...


  1. Fun songs. Very moody and inspiring. I loved the score to Tron. I'm glad you featured it!

  2. XD Every time I watch Tron, I feel like I'm actually watching a two-hour-long Daft Punk music video.

  3. Kris: I *love* the Tron soundtrack. There's quite a lot of it and the remix version floating around here ;)

    Francesca: That's a very good way to describe it!

  4. Now I want to go watch that movie again... ^_^


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