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Alas, I have a chest infection.  I'm coughing lots at the moment and therefore quite annoying for other people to be around ^^; They all have my sincerest apologies, as do you, lovely readers, for my lack of posting.  It's also been quite bad for my editing, but on the plus side, I have now seen all of the BBC's Merlin and am just a little bit in love with it!

Today, I just want to say something I've been saying since the earliest days of my blog: music and writing belong together, especially when the music is by Florence + the Machine.  Flo's newest song is so perfect for my lead character, it's become her unofficial theme tune.

SHARE MUSIC! Do your characters have their own epic theme tunes?


  1. Maybe not an actual song, but definitely a certain type and feel. I agree, music and writing belong together.

    Love FTM!

  2. My MS's each have their own theme song, not the characters. But it's the same for me- music and writing go together. I can't write without music playing.

  3. Seems like everyone has a cold right now. Hope you feel better.

  4. Ruth: I know what you mean by type and feel. I love to make playlists like that. (Florence + the Machine are one of my favourite bands of all time)

    Melanie: I always have music playing too. I have quite the playlist selection in iTunes.

    Kristen: Thank you. Got 5 medicines to take, so I should be bouncing around like my usual self in no time :)

  5. Hell yes my characters have theme songs! I have songs for characters, relationships, scenes, places, and anything that feels right! That way all I need to do to get back into that world is turn on my music.

    I also like feeling sneaky and smug by using love songs for friends, because often they're such a good fit once you see past the romantic angle.

    I love Florence + The Machine! You have good taste in music, Miss Cole !

  6. Vi's (protag of SPARKS) song is "Gimme Sympathy" by Metric. Which, by the title, sounds like she's whiny... but the song is totally a pump-up song.
    And this song just might be Sloane's (brand-spanking-new WIP protag) song. It's great! Audrey doesn't have *one* song.
    I hope you feel better! Colds are suck-suck-sucky.

  7. Jen: So basically, the more music you have, the happier you are ;) I couldn't agree more. And Florence + the Machine are made of epic win and I am SO EXCITED for the new album!

    Kris: I listened to that song! I love songs like that, like Jack Johnson's "Break Down". Angsty title is actually for a really upbeat song ^_^ And thank you, I'm feeling better. I'm on so much medication, I really ought to be!

  8. I feel inadequate in this writing/music discussion because my characters don't have soundtracks! :) I can put together a playlist to write to, but nothing that really helps me get into the writerly mood. That, or I just don't know enough music...

    I hope you're feeling better soon!

  9. TL Conway: Broaden your musical horizons! See what tickles your imagination :)


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