(The following is a dramatisation of writerly feelings)




It's sooooooooooooooooooo booooooooooooooooooooring! I don't waaaannnnaaaaaa!

*tantrum/procrastinate/run away*

Okay! Here's something about getting bored I think is really important:

It's totally, absolutely, definitely fine to get bored of editing.

I know getting bored of your writing can mean there's an inherent problem with it, but if you're getting bored while editing, don't worry!  Editing is an arduous process.  You're no longer in an inspirational, spontaneous creative mode.  You're doing the nitty gritty of correcting and reshaping.  It can be really dull because it's the more technical part of writing. 

So, if you're getting bored during editing, don't give up.  Instead try:
  1. Working on a new project or just write down some new ideas.  You know, the creative side of writing.  The fun part ;)
  2. Get away from writing completely for a couple of days and do something else.  Go out, marathon watch a TV show, see a few films, read a book - anything that doesn't involve writing or editing.
  3. Get inspired! 
When you feel ready, you can go back to editing.  Even if you just chip away at it, like a chapter a day, you're still making progress.  Just don't give up and don't be disheartened because getting bored is totally acceptable.

Just remember to get back to it when you're feeling less bored.  Just keep telling yourself this:  I'm doing it for a good reason!

...Speaking of which, I need to edit! Here's my current set up:


Maybe I should do a post on the awesomeness of having a plot white board.  It's an extremely useful tool! Anyone interested?


  1. Plot white board! Go! That sounds interesting!

  2. Francesca: I'll post about it later in the week ;)

  3. I'm kinda the opposite. lol The whole first draft is way more arduous (to me) than revising a billion times. At least when I'm revising I've got a complete picture, a world, and characters I know how to work with. ;)

  4. Holly: I've never thought of it like that before! I *do* know the characters I'm revising. I should think of editing as making them the best versions of themselves they can be. I just love getting caught up in the rush of writing on the go rather than going back and clearing up my messy style ;)

  5. I'm with Holly, I prefer revision to tackling the first draft.

  6. I'm kind of a nerd and enjoy the editing process. It's a chance to go deeper with characters and finesse your writing to make it shine!!!

  7. I've been considering a white board, so definitely!

    Love your work space. And so true about editing. I took the summer off, actually, which is more than you were saying, but I gave myself permission to work on other things for awhile (writing!). I needed that break. It made it so that I was excited as I dove back into my book for the billionth set of edits.

  8. Kirsten: Interesting. I definitely prefer the first draft ^^

    Nicole: I like making my work better, but I'd always be happier creating than editing.

    Shannon: I shall post later on in the week :D Taking the summer of sounds like a very good idea. Sometimes we just need to refresh ourselves.

  9. Ooh, I like the whiteboard idea too - I'm a pantser, but I really want to become a plotter!!

  10. I'd love to read about your plot board! It sounds like a great idea.
    And loving the new layout!

  11. Amanda: My pantsing nature is the reason I bought the board!

    Kris: I shall post about it Friday. And thank you, I like to change it every so often, and stars are one of my favourite patterns.

  12. Like the white board idea AND the new design! :)

  13. TL Conway: Thanks! Whiteboard post coming tomorrow :D

  14. Yep - another request for the whiteboard!

    Also, I love the editing bit as long as it's on paper. It's the typing in of the changes that destroys me.

  15. East Coaster: Aaaand it's up! I try to balance paper versus typing editing so one doesn't sink the other ^^;


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