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Last night, I wrote a hook for my novel.  I also think of it as the blurb that will one day grace the back cover of my paperback ;) 

It took a lot longer than I thought it would! But now I have a clear, concise overview of the novel.  As I wrote it, I kept thinking "What would make someone pick up this book?"

I introduced my main character and her immediate situation.  But her appeal hinges on two things. One is the secret she's keeping.  It's huge and she knows it has the power to destroy lives.  The second is the terrible choice she faces.  The hook hinted at these themes because they are central plot themes that should intrigue prospective readers.

The antagonist had to feature too, because his actions are the reason my protagonist has to make her devastating choice.

I've e-mailed it to a friend because I'd quite like an opinion on it.  It doesn't cover everything, and I intend to add a few more hints, but writing it was a helpful tool and it's the start of my query drafting.

Wish me luck!


  1. Kamille: Thanks!

    AJ Mullarky: I'm hoping it'll get easier with practice!

  2. Good luck! Now I'm curious and want to read it ;)

  3. Best of luck! Sounds intriguing so far...

  4. Best of luck with it! It sounds really interesting so far.

  5. Ooh- intriguing.

    It occurs to me that what you've done by including the information you list above is described THE STAKES! Secrets, power to destroy lives, terrible choice - those are the things that your character risks in her journey. And those are the most interesting parts.

    whenever I try to blub, I end up summarizing instead of letting readers know THE STAKES!

    Thanks for sharing. This is a great model!

  6. Steph: I'll share it one day ;)

    Amanda: Thanks!

    Christine: Thank you ^_^

    anonymeet: Stakes! Yes! That's a much better way to put it. Thank you ^_^

  7. Good luck! You didn't even give us any details and I want to read the book. So, that's a good sign, jesh? :)

  8. What a tease! Good luck and hope to see it some day!

  9. Kris: I hope so! One day I will share it :)

    Nicole: I can't wait for the day I feel ready to share ^_^


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