Sunday Inspiration

For me, 2001 isn't a year dominated by tragedy.  What happened in New York was horrifying and changed our world, but I will always remember 2001 with joy because it brought absolutely amazing people into my life.

Today, I want to be grateful and hopeful.  Grateful for what I have and hopeful we can create a bright future for our world.

I thought I'd offer serene music and an image from the most hopeful season of all: spring.

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  1. I have to agree. 2001 is the year I met my husband, so it will always be bright in my memory. But I don't think we're really supposed to let the tragedies overshadow the joys. If we do that, then all the people who commit the evils win.

  2. I agree with Sarah - letting the tragedies dominate the joys in our life just lets evil continue. I'm glad 2001 was such a good year for you!

  3. Thanks for this! Always gotta find the joy. :)

  4. It's good to remember that great things happened that year too. :)

  5. Hah! I've totally been working on a piano version of Aeris's theme for a while now. Because FF7 was THE BEST.


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