Sunday Inspiration - School Days!

My senior school held a reunion yesterday for all its former students. The old place has a fascinating history dating back to the 19th century, but in 1971 it became the Catholic school my brothers, friends and I attended.

And before anyone asks, no, I'm not and never have been a Catholic.  And I shan't bore you to death with the school's admission policy!

I was so inspired by the school as a student.  I'm so glad I got to go back yesterday and take a ton of photos. 

The inside photos are all taken in the oldest part of the school.  There are now 7 buildings on the campus (there were just five in my day!), but none are as amazing as the building formerly used as a convent.

It has looooong corridors

Seeeeeeriously loooooooong

An absolutely beautiful staircase.  Looking up from the basement

And down from the top floor

This is the chapel

There's also a graveyard for the nuns

There are woods!

Here's a shot of the building from the woods

And, finally, this is the shrine hiding in the woods.

I was extremely lucky to go to this unique and wonderful school.  I hope it inspires you too!


  1. Awesome photos! I especially like the staircase photos!

    They were very lucky that you attended this unique and wonderful school! :)

  2. What a beautiful school! It looks like such a special place.

  3. Wow... What a gorgeous place!! I can definitely see why you find it inspiring. :-)

  4. Wow, what a great place to go to school! No wonder you found it so inspiring!

  5. Such great pics. I love the first shot of the stairs, especially. Much cooler than my high school!

  6. How beautiful! I could spend a whole day just staring at the Holy Mary statue. And you're right, this school is special, few Catholic schools are as lovely as this one.

    By the way, I have a few awards waiting for you over on my blog, please drop by and pick them up when you have a chance.

  7. Tricia: The staircase is beautiful, isn't it? Thanks for the lovely comment. I'm blushing!

    Kirsten: It's an amazing school. I was very happy to go there.

    Crystal: It's an awe-inspiring place.

    TL Conway: It was pretty fantastic!

    Kris: Yeah, my old school can certainly claim to be unique.

    Lindy: The statue was hidden for years. They excavated the whole shrine.

    Nicole: Thanks!


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