Population Control

I'm currently engaging in crowd control.  This means I'm deleting background characters, also known as cannon fodder.  Walking to work and mulling over things is really helping! My main characters don't need to take down thousands of enemies to prove they're tough.

Basically, I have an amazingly powerful group of enemies in this story.  Like, one shot and you're dead powerful.  All my characters go on and on about how awesomely super hardcore these baddies are, and yet tons show up at a time and get defeated.


And because they're so powerful, I had to keep coming up with different ways to dispatch of them, but no matter what I did, everything gets samey after a while.  There really are only so many artistic ways to shoot someone.

AND I WOULD KNOW! (Photo by Laura)

So, groups have become individuals, and these individuals are now the unstoppable killing machines they're supposed to be.  The plot's flow is far smoother now the clutter is clearing.

It's really amazing how unnecessarily complicated I've made things ^^;


  1. Nice! We had similar comments on a fellow group's members book yesterday in writer's group, though his were creatures not people. Same difference, right?
    Man, I want to read your book. Oooo... if you ever need a crit partner or beta reader, I'm game.

  2. At least you're fixing the problem! Nothing makes me more frustrated than when an author has their characters go on and on about how awful a villain is, and then the villain doesn't pay up. >.< But yours sound great!

  3. STRONG second to Francesca above me and I can't wait to read you finished piece.

  4. Haha, we've all been there. I can never get rid of them though. ^^

  5. LOL! I think we all tend to do that from time to time so don't feel bad! You're fixing it and that's all that matters. :)

  6. Too many characters can really get confusing, both for the reader and the writer. I'm glad you've been successful in clearing it up.

  7. Sounds great! Nothing makes a story intense better than a couple of really nasty villains. :-)


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