Spare a Thought for London

The riots going on in London will be chalked up to any number of things in the history books, but right now my concern is for the poor people whose homes, businesses and lives are being destroyed by thoughtless criminals.  This isn't a protest about a shooting any more, it's mob mentality gone mad and people being overtaken by greed and selfishness.  I know there are other factors driving this, but what's wrong with these people if they think it's all right to destroy buildings and take what isn't theirs?  It makes me sick.

This woman speaks the truth.  Shame the news will have to censor some of the language:

(Link in case the embedded stops working)

My thoughts are with the emergency services keeping Londoners safe from these selfish people.  Them, and the ordinary people facing up to mindless destruction.  They're the heroes.


  1. I saw this today and thought of you (the news said it was happening in multiple cities around the country, not just London). That is so sad and scary. Hopefully people will get their heads back on straight soon.

  2. Like Kris, I thought of you (and my other writing friends across the pond) when I saw this news today. Definitely keep in mind who the true heroes are, and write through the emotions and chaos. I hope you guys come safely through it soon!

  3. That woman deserves a round of applause.
    Whatever the issues regarding the causes of the riot, nobody deserves to lose their business and their livelihood because some thugs with a mob mentality decide to burn it down. Good luck to the emergency services, I hope they can stay safe and restore order very soon.
    Very scary stuff.

  4. Kris: Yes, it spread to numerous cities in England. Thankfully my city is keeping calm for now! The good news is people are uniting to clean up after the rioters.

    Nicole: I hope we do too. It's so horrible that a minority of heartless criminals can do this and make the whole country suffer.

    Jen: Doesn't she? What a legend. I hope everything calms down soon too. Because that's when the work of making sure this doesn't happen again begins.


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