Midweek Motivator

I'm chomping on sherbert lemons, chilling in a hotel in Bath (oooh, I love it here!) and today's midweek motivator is one of my favourite songs of ALL TIME.

Think of me, belting this out in my car XD


  1. OMG. I <3 Oasis. Off to fire up that entire album on ye ole iTunes right now...

    Enjoy your time in Bath. Sounds great!

  2. TL Conway: What's the Story Morning Glory is my favourite album of all time ever. And Bath is lovely, thank you :D

  3. This is lovely! I've only heard Wonderwall from them (I know, I know. I need to pick up some more of their music definitely. Hee) so it's awesome to hear more.

  4. Kris: It's an awesome song! Gets you pumped!

    M J Horton: Wonderwall is on the same album. It's a great one to get to introduce yourself to Oasis with.


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