#riotcleanup and #riotwombles over on Twitter show what real community spirit is.

Hope feels very, very good.  People are coming together to support each other and get things done.

Some people want to tear London down.  The majority won't let them.

Also, this is probably my favourite picture off Twitter thus far:


...Excuse me, I feel a sudden urge to write a story about Her Majesty being a secret agent.


This is an awesome (real life this time) image too:



  1. I love this pic! You should totally write a story based on that!

    Yes, hope is sometimes the only thing keeping me afloat. I'm reading Number Four right now, and there are a lot of good one-liners about how when you lose hope, you have nothing left.

  2. Great pic! Reading some of the riotcleanup and Womble stuff on Twitter has really cheered me up. It's easy to forget that the majority of people aren't burning stuff down and looting...they're just the ones getting all the attention. Well, this time next week it will be the Womble Army making the news.

    It's not a natural disaster, but I hope the response will be the same. When Brisbane flooded in Janurary this year, the next day busloads of people turned up from everywhere with buckets and mops and just started cleaning the mud out of stranger's houses. It was good to see, and i'm sure London will see that same spirit soon.

  3. Alison: I'm so in love with the idea of the Queen being the top agent of her own secret service XD

    Thankfully, the people of the affected areas remind us all there's plenty of reason to be hopeful and positive.

    Jen: That's exactly it. The majority of people are sickened to see what these horrible looters are doing to communities.

    The real shame is it's people destroying other people's homes and livelihoods. It's hateful.

  4. Miss Cole, if you're in the mood, I've invited you to play a silly game on my blog!


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