Ever Changing Space

I've been rearranging my work space lately.  It's a bit busier than before:

I want to look up and around and see things that inspire me.  Photos from trips, old postcards, film posters... anything that sparks my imagination, I want it visible at all times.

My writing space is so cluttered with things and I'm sure some people would find it too much, too chaotic, but I absolutely love it.  It's busy and lively.


  1. It is my humble opinion that any personal space isn't complete if it isn't delightfully cluttered and spilling over with awesome things.

  2. Non-artists don't understand a need to be inspired by your "working space" I feel like. It's so important! I told my husband I wanted to turn our guest bedroom closet into a writing nook. He looked at me and said, "Can't you just write in the living room?" No, silly! I can't paint the living room pink! (Pink inspires me, apparently.) Sadly, our closets are too small even for an ottoman.

  3. I am looking forward to turning our recently cleaned out finished basement area into a writing space for myself. I'm hoping to repaint it and decorate it to provide maximum inspiration.

  4. Francesca: So true! And the awesome is spilling everywhere over my desk.

    Kris: Pink is a great colour! My bedroom is pink ^_^

    Sarah: Ooooh how exciting! Enjoy :D


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