Engage! ...No, seriously... ENGAGE!

I love rugby.  The blokes are ready for the scrum, the ref yells "engage" (and I picture Jean Luc Picard every time) and BAM! Off they go.

Yesterday, my brain refused to engage.  I'm at that frustrating stage when the end is staring me in the face and laughing at me.  No matter what I tried, I couldn't get into the flow and instead I lost touch and got distracted.

I didn't want him to leave either ;_;

I abandoned my laptop and started thinking about what the problem was.  It wasn't boredom or a particularly good episode of Doctor Who.  Nope, it was a plot issue.  Earlier in the story, I created a complication that was so complicated I backed myself into a corner I couldn't get out of without slowing the pace down... not exactly what you want to do in the build-up to the finale.  After deciding it was unnecessary, I cut it out and I finally engaged with the story again.

Moral of the story? If you can't engage with your writing, go back and see if an earlier issue is stopping your progression.


  1. I've never seen a game of rugby--they seriously yell 'engage'?
    That's AWESOME.

    Mmm, Ten.

    A lot of the time in my writing, the problem is that I'll put something in early on, then forget to come back to it later, then I remember it and waste time slogging through thousands and thousands of words trying to put it right again, and by the time I'm done I don't feel like writing any more that day.

    (Also, I just noticed that 'geekery' was one of labels for this post. XDDDDD)

  2. That's a great suggestion! I never woulda thunk of it on my own.
    Doesn't Elastigirl yell "Engage!" during The Incredibles at some point? I keep hearing her voice for some reason ...

  3. Great post, Miss Cole!
    And thanks for the picture of the tenth Doctor. I think I'll hang out here for a while and just gaze...

  4. Francesca: Yup! The refs wear mics and you can here them yell "Engage!" It's awesome.

    I miss Ten and WANT HIM BACK! Sorry, Eleven.

    That's pretty much what happened. I think 20 words caused me thousands of trouble ^^;

    Oh, I suspect my geekery will grow as my blog ages :P

    Kris: I suppose another way to think of it is two steps forward and one step back.

    Jen: Thank you. Enjoy. He's lovely, isn't he?

  5. It's so frustrating as a writer to feel that the solution is there...somewhere...right beyond your reach, waiting for your brain to engage. Glad it all worked out! :)

  6. Nicole: Thank you! I'm so glad to be back on track.


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