Editing Isn't Exactly Writing

So, right now, editing and I are on a break, and I'm cheating on editing with writing.

I've broken my editing into four sections, and at the moment I'm so done with the opening chapters, I can't wait to hand them over to my betas and see if they suck as much as I think they do ^^; The good news is the further in I get, the happier I am with the flow of the story. It's just the opening... grrr...

Anyway! Editing isn't writing.  It's not the flow of an idea straight onto the page, and I've missed it so much.  At the moment, I'm writing whatever randomness comes to mind.  None of it's any good, but it's about getting something new out of my stewed braincells.

And do you know what's really inspiring me right now? OMG FLORENCE + THE MACHINE RELEASED A NEW SINGLE AND IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! <3


*adds to the growing pile of Things I'm Waiting For This Winter*


  1. OKAY RIGHT?! *drools over F&tM*

    And I agree. There's something much more satisfactory and relaxing about writing over editing. (But sometimes I like to go back and edit so I can see what I like about my own story.)

  2. Francesca: WHY ISN'T IT NOVEMBER 7th?! Want album, want now, hate waiting, winter is too busy for my fangirly needs!

    It's nice to come up with something new for a change, but I know in the process something will come to be concerning my MS and I'll go back to it.

  3. THE ALBUM IS OUT NOVEMBER 7TH?!?! I hadn't heard that. Love, love, love F+M. The new song is beautiful, which makes me very hopeful for the new album.

    Sometimes it's good to give yourself a break. Writing and editing are two very different animals.

  4. Sometimes you gotta mix it up. Have fun writing!

  5. Editing is a necessary evil, but imagine if we didn't bother and published our first drafts - I would have to hang my head in shame!

  6. So true, editing isn't writing, it's the polishing that comes after. I'm living on the wild side and doing a little of both. Wait, that came out wrong... LOL! I'm writing new chapters to go into the manuscript I'm editing. There, that sounds better. ;)

  7. I guess it depends if you're just doing line edits, or if your edits turn into writing additional scenes. Then you are writing and editing all at once. But too much writing while editing might mean you've entered revision or rewrite territory.

    Also, I’m a new follower—wonderful blog! Stop by my blog and follow me too? :) http://rachelbrookswrites.blogspot.com/

  8. This music is gorgeous! I'm going to have to get my hands on it. And yes, let's face it, writing is where it's at. Isn't that the very reason we started down this insane road in the first place? For the joy of creation? It certainly isn't for the bloody edits! Pffttt...

  9. Hi,
    I'm a fellow campaigner. I so want to be a musician in my next life! I loved the video and best of luck with your new job.

  10. Hi fellow campaigner. Editing definitely needs to be broken up with many breaks ;)

  11. Yes, this!! Editing, for me, is just... no fun. And I can totally relate to the bit about handing your chapters to your betas to see if they "suck as badly as I think they do"! Besides, you have to keep up the writing so your imagination doesn't atrophy or short out or something, right? RIght? At least, this is what I tell myself... ;-)

  12. Oooo, FloMa's new song is dreamy. Love it!
    Good luck!! I know you'll do awesomely!!

  13. I flip back and forth. I like to be editing one project and writing another. When I get burned on one, I flip to the other.

  14. Christine: Yup, November 7th! I have very high hopes :D And you're right about editing and writing. I need a change of pace.

    Steph: I'm looking forward to writing for a change!

    Amanda: My first draft will never ever ever see the light of day!!

    Heather: Good luck to you!

    Rachel: Welcome! I'll be sure to stop by your blog. Alas, I'm doing nitty-gritty line edits. There aren't so many this time, but it's an exhausting process.

    Lindy: Florence + The Machine has to be my favourite band right now. Her music is so haunting and very inspiring.

    Bridgetstraub: Thanks for stopping by! Nice to meet you :)

    Lynda: Welcome! You're right about alternating - I should come up with a edit/write schedule.

    Crystal: I like editing most the time, but writing is much better. And yes, I can't allow my imagination to drain away to nothing.

    Kris: Isn't it beautiful? I've been listening to it a lot!!!

    Jolene: That's a really good idea. I have another project I can work on, so I'm going to get into the habit of working on it too.

  15. Ooh, yes, I find myself doing this too. I usually try to edit one WIP while writing another one. That way, if I have a "non-editing" day, I can still feel productive by writing and vice versa. :)

  16. Oh I dislike editing so much, yet it's what I seem to be doing more than anything else... I read somewhere that writing is 10% of the process and editing 90%... that totally freaks me out. I love Florence + The machine - always listen to them when I write, or should I say edit:)

  17. Isn't it great when all your edits seem to come together and you get that feeling that your WIP is actually better than when you started? It makes it all worth it. Good luck with the rest of your edits.


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