Sunday Inspiration

I'm slowly crawling out of my jetlag hole.  I've been reading blogs but lacking the capacity to type up legible comments, so my apologies for not commenting on entries.

Yesterday, I had to be up rather early to take the parental units to the airport.  So I went around taking some early morning photos. 


I also got to drive through Brighton and see the carnage left over from a Friday night on the town.  I had to avoid several drunk people, one of whom was a punk out of time kicking at a baby seagull (the seagull escaped with ease, no worries) and another was running around barefoot in his PJs yelling random things... okay, maybe that one was high rather than drunk.  But yes, Brighton on a Saturday morning is grubby but inspiring.

7:15am.  I suspect the people on the beach spent the night there


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