Sunday Inspiration

I've been so fortunate over the past week.  My friend Laura and I have been to Texas and now we're in Virginia and next week we're planning a trip to Georgia.  The inspiration is endless! Be sure to check out Laura's photos too.

We went into Williamsburg yesterday.  I love Williamsburg.  It's so quaint and historic.  Plus there's The Cheese Shop and they do amazing (AMAAAAZING) sandwiches.  My friends and I were eating ours, just chilling out, when, in the middle of this lovely afternoon, a street preacher got going and informed the not particularly enthusiastic crowd that rapists who believe in God are off to heaven whereas a good but non-believing person is going down to hell.  Actually, he was kind of going on and on and on about how nobody is any good at all, but thankfully this lovely lady started performing and drowned out the sermon.

I firmly believe if I want to experience God and religion, I shall do so in a church of my own choosing.

Anyway, enough of that! MORE INSPIRATION!


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  1. I would love to visit Williamsburg. Glad you had a great time - love the pictures! :)

  2. Madeline: If you ever have the chance, you absolutely must. It's so lovely and they go to great lengths to make the place feel authentic.


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