Road Trip Wednesday - Inspiring Photos

Today at YA Highway, we've been asked to share images from our WIP.  Alas, I have left my external hard-drive in North Carolina and I am currently in Texas so I only have a few things to share.

This was taken on Brighton Beach last month:

Dark and foreboding

And this panoramic view of the Pier is on my Flickr:

Brighton is the easiest place to take picture for my novel.  The rest of the time, I either find pictures online or I take photos in other places that work.

And occasionally I get really lucky


  1. I suddenly have the urge to visit Brighton. That last photo is really great.

  2. Ooooh the panoramic view is so fun. And the last one, wow! I love it! *wanders over to Miss Cole's Flickr* *spends all day ogling gorgeous photos*

  3. Love the panoramic. Looks like a really beautiful spot.

  4. This looks like a great setting - I love the dark and foreboding one!

  5. great pics. You've got quite the eye!

  6. Is that SNOW on the beach? I'm really showing my California roots, aren't I? ;) You've captured the feel of the place so well.

  7. Tracey Neithercott: Come to Brighton! We even have a palace!

    Sarah Enni: Thank you! The panoramic one is a setting my compact Kodak has. It's so helpful.

    Sarah: With the right conditions, that spot is fantastic. When we have really stormy weather, it's so dramatic there.

    danaalisionlevy: Thanks! Hopefully my writing will convey the feelings of the photo.

    Eliza Tilton: Thank you very much :)

    Angelica R Jackson: I've been to California and if I'd seen snow on the beaches of Santa Monica, I would expect the end of the world to follow!

  8. Gorgeous photos! The last one actually made me want to write about it...but I won't. :) They're yours! Brighton looks like an absolutely lovely place!

  9. Bailey Hammond: Please feel free to write about it! Inspirational photos are there to inspire! Wriiiiiiite! Dooooo iiiiiiit!

    And Brighton is totally awesome ^_^

    And thanks for following!

  10. Oh wow, those are gorgeous! Especially the last one; it's definitely a favorite. Good luck with your writing as well :)

  11. Beautiful, beautiful pics! Love the one of the beach especially.

  12. Lora: I consider myself extremely lucky to live so close to the sea ^_^

  13. Beautiful views!!! The last one I felt could be displayed as creepy if you were looking for a paranormal aspect to a book. Creepy as in freaking cool!

    I'm meeting so many new people today! You're one of them!

  14. Jen Daiker: Thank you! It was a totally lucky shot too - I just hit the button and boom! Awesome photo!

    Well, it's lovely to have you stop by :)


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