Let's Hear It For the Humans!

Thanks to all the flying I've been doing, I've been thinking about the world a lot lately. 

Talk about inspiring!

Everything looks so tiny from up there. You look down, and there's our Earth, the planet we all belong to.

If I wanted to, I could CRUSH YOU ALL!!!!!

When you're over the world, you realise how amazing we humans are. Look at it! We have adapted our world for our needs.  Yes, we've created global warming and every single person on this planet must do their bit to help Earth, but let's just bask in the creative genius of humanity for a moment instead of focusing on the negativity. Our cities spread out and reach up. We can travel around our whole planet in a matter of hours.  Roads, phones and the Internet connect us all.  Our science is always investigating, finding more ways to save people and our planet. We're looking to travel into space. We want to know about everything and we're eager to learn... 

So why does sci-fi sometimes make humans out to be the weakest/least intelligent/youngest/most clueless species to ever exist? We always encounter wise old species who know better than us.  Okay, yes, we can't really travel through space (but you better sign me up for Starfleet when the day comes!) and we can't be sure we're not alone in the universe, but why do we, human beings, sell ourselves so short? We are amazing! Yes, of course we've made lots of mistakes, but aren't we always trying to make up for them? Why can't sci-fi, when humans face up to an alien race, be a bit more “Actually, we are human and by the way? We're AWESOME!”

That's how I feel anyway ;)

(PS I'm on Tumblr now! Hooray!)


  1. Jaffa: Thanks! I'll upload some to my Flickr later :)

  2. I agree wholeheartedly. This is why I love Doctor Who. The Doctor defends the human race because he's so intrigued by humans and their tenacity and curiosity. I also think that show (and others) do a great job of showing how human strengths and weaknesses don't always relate to how technologically advanced we are, but how we choose to act in difficult situations, facing enemies we've never experienced.

    Great post!

  3. Doctor Who and Star Trek both portray a really hopeful view of humanity. It's refreshing when so many other franchises choose to show us as weak and ignorant because of our youth and inexperience. It's nice for us to have faith in ourselves.

    Who's your favourite Doctor?


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