Heat Wave Inspiration!

Wow, it's hot huh? 113.9 in NC! I'm editing a chapter with snow and let me tell you, I cannot properly engage with that concept right now so I am setting it aside.

I also went back to my old college yesterday and bought a hoodie.  The thought of wearing it, however, is enough to make me feel faint. It'll be totally awesome in the winter back home ;)

So, while I cannot engage with snow, I'm gathering memories of this intense heat for writing purposes.  I'm thinking about the humidity and how the air feels against my skin.  I'm thinking of how the sun feels and the relief of a passing cloud. 

Clouds.  Appreciate them.

When my friends and I ventured into the abandoned nursing home the other day, you could smell the heat and how musty the air had become.  You could smell age and disuse.  For anyone writing a dystopian or creating a particularly rundown setting, those sorts of details really bring it to life.

It was the definition of stifling.  And creepy.  Definitely creepy.

Long story short: be inspired by the heatwave or any other kind of unusual weather.  I'm trying to enjoy it while I remain on this side of the Atlantic!


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